Starting A Christian Youth Group Bible Study? Preparation Is Everything

If your pastor has tapped you to begin a Bible study for the youth in your church, you might be wondering where to begin. There is much more to it than setting the time and day of the week when the study is to occur. As you prayerfully consider what your next moves are, this guide should help you in developing a youth group Bible study that not only pours the Word into the lives of the youth, but also promotes healthy and happy relationships.

Select Your Team

Leadership is an essential part of a successful youth group. As a youth leader, the most important thing you can do is love and mentor your students. However, this task becomes more and more difficult as the number of students attending the Bible study increases. This is why you need a strong team surrounding you.

Prayerfully consider the people that will serve on the youth ministry team. Look for people that you feel totally comfortable representing you and your church to the students. Approach people who display passion for young people, creativity and unity. Then ask them to consider joining your team. Your team should also supplement your skill set. If creativity, media or organization challenges you, seek out team members who excel in these areas.

Form Your Mission Statement

Mission gives you and your team something clear to work towards. Speak to the pastor of your church and ask what sort of youth group Bible study he or she believes the church needs. Your mission should be birthed directly from your pastor's vision. The best youth groups are the ones that are fully aligned with the heartbeat of the church.

Once you have direction from your leader, pray about how to express the mission of the youth group. The mission should be something clear, succinct, memorable and motivating. This mission will resonate under everything that you and your team plan. Communicate this mission to the parents who are entrusting their children to you during your Bible study time. It's always appropriate to keep the parents in the loop.

Plan Out the Activities

A youth Bible study doesn't always have to mean sitting at a desk with the students' noses in the Bible. However, each activity should start and end with prayer and scripture.

Meet with your team and plan out the schedule of your youth group for the next few weeks, months, or even quarter. When your team knows what's coming, they can plan more effectively. Sermon content, creative elements, marketing and special events can all be planned in advance.

Now that you know how to begin the process of building and organizing your youth group Bible study, you can begin implementing your course of action. Have fun with your group and always seek help from your pastor if you need it. 

For more information, contact New Gethsemane Baptist Church or a similar organization.