4 Key Elements For Becoming A Successful Youth Minister

It can be difficult to be a teenager in today's world. With all the temptations—such as alcohol, pornography and drugs—teenagers can have a tough time staying on the right track. That's where youth ministries come in. By serving others and becoming true disciples of Christ, youth have a better chance making it through their teenage years relatively unscathed.

If you're responsible for training teenagers, there are a few things you can do to instill the right values in the youth you're responsible for. Here are four things that will help you become a successful youth minister.


If you're going to be responsible for training youth, you need to be passionate about the work you do and the youth you're working with. It takes more than knowledge to train today's teenagers. You'll also need to be willing to lead by example, as well as through the education you possess. Teenagers need to know that they're following someone who truly believes what they're teaching.


Seek inspiration for the youth that you're responsible for. Through inspiration you'll be able to provide a firm foundation for youth ministers to rely on. While striving for inspiration remember that there are three "ships" you should be including in your training. Those ships are:

  • Worship
  • Discipleship
  • Fellowship


Be there for the youth that you're training. The compassion that you show the youth you're working with will pave the way for the compassion they'll need to show those that they have stewardship over. Your youth will need to know that they can look up to you. They'll also need to know that they can come to you with the problems they may be facing. Compassion and caring are the tools you'll need to help your youth through their daily struggles.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is the final key element that every youth minister will need. Parents should work with you to create an atmosphere where youth feel confident about their chances for spiritual success in this world. Parents should feel confident that their youth are receiving the spiritual guidance and training they'll need to remain spiritually strong. When parents and leaders work together, mighty miracles can occur in the lives of today's youth.

Youth ministry through a church like Crossroads Baptist Church is an excellent way to help youth gain spiritual strength. The information provided above will help you become an effective youth minister. For other ideas on how to help the youth you're responsible for, be sure to speak to your church leaders.