How To Make Worship Services Better And More Engaging

To pastors, priests, and preachers who look down from their pulpits on Sunday and wonder why their congregation looks bored, there could be any number of reasons why. Rather than try to figure out what everyone is thinking, there are a variety of ways to improve sermons to make them more engaging for the whole congregation. Here are some tips on how to make worship services better. 

Skip the Corny Jokes

Preachers who think that slipping a corny joke or one-liner into the service should avoid doing so. Most congregates are looking for a serious sermon from the mount, one that ignites and inspires them and not one that makes them groan or politely chuckle. If you are not sure if you are guilty of corny jokes in a sermon, ask your spouse, or a member of your church who knows you best. They are most likely to answer you truthfully.

Quit Talking about the Local Football Team

A lot of pastors and preachers do this; they spend ten minutes talking about the local sports team or try to make an analogy between something biblical and "that epic touchdown in last week's game." They do this to try and appeal to the other guys in church, but in a place where your mind is supposed to be focused on God and spiritual matters, sports talk is out of place. Some people might even consider it sacrilegious. 

Leave Baptism Services for after the Sermon

Despite the fact that a lot of churches want to be more welcoming of new members by baptizing them in front of three hundred-plus church members that the new members know nothing about, it may be a better idea to wait hold a baptism service after a worship service. This gives most of the congregation what they came for (a sermon) and gives them an option to leave before the baptism services begin. It should be an individual choice of each church attendee whether or not they want to be present for a baptism..

Make Announcements Short and Sweet

There are some churches where the first twenty minutes are nothing but announcements about who died, who was born, who needs prayers, etc.. Most of these announcements can be placed in the church bulletin. The rest can be delivered in a short and sweet five to eight minutes right before the sermon. Otherwise, people tend to start falling asleep before the collection plates are passed and the sermon begins.

Hopefully these tips can help if you are looking for ways to improve your church sermons. If you are looking for a local church to attend, look for local churches like Evergreen  Christian Community.