4 Key Elements For Becoming A Successful Youth Minister

It can be difficult to be a teenager in today's world. With all the temptations—such as alcohol, pornography and drugs—teenagers can have a tough time staying on the right track. That's where youth ministries come in. By serving others and becoming true disciples of Christ, youth have a better chance making it through their teenage years relatively unscathed. If you're responsible for training teenagers, there are a few things you can do to instill the right values in the youth you're responsible for. Read More 

Questions To Ask When Getting Life Insurance: What To Know At A Young Age

If you are a young adult and you are considering getting a life insurance policy, there are some things you should consider when deciding how much coverage you need. Since it's just you in your life that you're responsible for you may not be concerned about leaving a bunch of money behind, but there are some things to consider so you don't burden people if something happens to. Here are a few things to budget for with your life insurance when you're planning for the unexpected. Read More 

Starting A Christian Youth Group Bible Study? Preparation Is Everything

If your pastor has tapped you to begin a Bible study for the youth in your church, you might be wondering where to begin. There is much more to it than setting the time and day of the week when the study is to occur. As you prayerfully consider what your next moves are, this guide should help you in developing a youth group Bible study that not only pours the Word into the lives of the youth, but also promotes healthy and happy relationships. Read More